Innovating EFL teaching in asia

English Reflections Second Edition

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Part A: Defining the Asian EFL context
Introduction by Theron Muller and Philip Shigeo Brown

  • 1. Teaching the New English Curriculum: Xi Fang
  • 2. Global Cultures and Identities: Will Baker
  • 3. training the Peasantren: Gillian Palmer & Itje Chodidjah
  • 4. Language Learning Styles and Beliefs of EFL University Students in Korea: Andrew Finch

Part B: Empowering Asian voices
Introduction by John Adamson

  • 5. Learner autonomy in Asia: How Asian teachers and students see themselves: Fumiko Murase
  • 6. How Thai national culture can be used to explain students’ behavior: Chutigarn Raktham
  • 7. Co-constructing teacher beliefs towards qualifications: Insights from interviews in the Japanese context: John Adamson
  • 8. ‘Reconceptualizing’ self as a teacher in a Malaysian context: Rosemary Erlam and Susan Gray

Part C: Innovating teaching methodology in Asia
Introduction by Theron Muller

  • 9. Promoting strategy teaching as an innovative practice in the Asian EFL oral classroom: Wendy Y. K. Lam
  • 10. Innovating a vocabulary learning strategies program: Philip Shigeo Brown
  • 11. Classroom discourse analysis of student use of language scaffolding during tasks: Theron Muller and Mark de Boer
  • 12. Innovating EFL teaching of reading: An activity theory perspective on Chinese teachers’ readiness to adapt to educational reform: Hongzhi Yang and Eva Bernat

Part D. Teaching young learners in Asia
Introduction by Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

  • 13. Exploring teachers’ implementation of the recent curriculum innovation in ELT in Turkish primary education: Yasemin Kırkgöz
  • 14. Affective factors contributing to intrinsic motivation for learning English among elementary school students in Japan: Junko Matsuzaki Carreira
  • 15. Adapting English picture books to an EFL Context: A study of collaboration between elementary school teachers and TEFL practitioners in rural Japan: James M. Hall, Tomoko Yamazaki, Chohei Takahashi, and Takeru Ishigame
  • 16. Let’s speak English: Bridging the linguistic divide in Tamil Nadu: Kirsten A. Anderson and Parvathy P. Narayanan

Part E. Innovating teaching writing in Asia
Introduction by Steven Herder

  • 17. Extensive writing: a fluency-first approach to EFL writing: Steven Herder and Peter Clements
  • 18. Who takes the floor? Peer feedback or teacher feedback: An investigation of Chinese university English learners’ use and understanding of peer and teacher feedback on writing: Huahui Zhao
  • 19. Assessing EFL writing: Meaningful innovations through SFL: Toshio Hisaoka
  • 20. Epilogue: Description and evaluation of the process of creating this book: Theron Muller and John Adamson