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This is a practical course which focuses on preparing students for the teaching practicum that occurs in weeks 9 to 13 of the semester. In order to do this, the course looks at basic issues such as classroom management, discipline, and lesson planning.

Students study a reading pack as well as completing a learning journal. This provides them with useful hints about their first year of teaching, along with an opportunity to reflect on their ideas about teaching. Students also complete weekly assignments, in addition to presenting their own model lessons (and self/peer-assessing these) and lesson plans.

This course assumes that course members will be teaching in Korean middle schools and high schools. It therefore aims to show how teachers can help students to be enthusiastic about learning, and give them learning skills for life.

In order to develop constructive, positive teaching skills, the course will focus on:

  • Student-centred approach
  • Form-focused interaction
  • Successful learning
  • Development of higher-order thinking skills
  • Holistic teaching
  • Humanistic teaching
  • Teacher-based assessment
  • Student-based assessment