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General reference    
Bibliography on Testing  Checklist of Excellence in Assessment 
Glossary of terms Language benchmarks
Goals of assessors Code of fair test-taking
Role of Assessment Research and Assessment
Rethinking Assessment    
Practical testing materials    
Classroom Assessment Techniques Oral Peer-assessment (a method)
Oral Marking Criteria (basic level: html, doc) Oral Marking Criteria (intermed level: html, doc)
Oral Marking Criteria (adv level: html, doc) Oral Peer-assessment sheet (doc)
Testing associations    
ACLAR (Asian Centre for Language Assessment Research)
Center for Equity and Excellence in Education Test Database
The Center for Applied Linguistics
CAL offers detailed test descriptions in its Foreign Language Testing Database
Journal of Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation (PARE)
Alternative assessment    
Alternative Assessment -Achieving Equity Informal Assessment 


Performance Assessment



Articles on Testing    
Aligning Learning Activities and Assessment Strategies in the ESL Classroom
Assessment & Accountability [in Bilingual Education]
Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet
Assessment and the Language Teacher: Trends and Transitions
Collection of Articles on Testing
Critical Thinking (1) Critical Thinking (2
Language Testing on the WWW
Online Articles on Testing (Univ of Surrey) Required Skills
Oral Testing and Self-Assessment - The way forward?
Norm-referenced vs.criterion-referenced testing    
Other Links    
Language Testers Guide to Cyberspace TOEFL Online
Other Online Links    
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