Classroom Language: The beginning of the lesson

1. Good morning

  • Good morning, everybody.
  • Good afternoon, everybody.
  • Hello, everyone.
  • Hello there, James.

2. How are you?

  • How are you today, 미경?
  • How are you getting on?
  • How's life?
  • How are things with you, 은주?
  • Are you feeling better today, Bill?

3. Introductions

  • My name is Mr/Mrs/Ms Kim. I'm your new English teacher.
  • I'll be teaching you English this year.
  • I've got five lessons with you each week.

4. Time to begin

  • Let's begin our lesson now.
  • Is everybody ready to start?
  • I hope you are all ready for your English lesson.
  • I think we can start now.
  • Now we can get down to work.

5. Waiting to start

  • I'm waiting for you to be quiet.
  • We won't start until everyone is quiet.
  • Stop talking and be quiet.
  • Settle down now so we can start.

6. Put your things away

  • Close your books.
  • Put your books away.
  • Pack your things away.

7. Register

  • Who is absent today?.
  • Who isn't here today?
  • What's the matter with 은미 today?
  • What's wrong with Jim today?
  • Why were you absent last Friday, 인혜?

8. Late

  • Where have you been?
  • We started ten minutes ago. What have you been doing?.
  • Did you miss your bus?
  • Did you oversleep?
  • Don't let it happen again.

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