Welcome to the dissertation course!

This course helps graduate students develop and polish their skills in researching and writing a dissertation.

Students from semester 2 to semester 5 are welcome.

It will be especially helpful to take this course early, well before you start on your dissertation, since you need to collect data about your research topic. This data collection usually takes a semester or so.

The level of instruction in the course will be adapted to each student individually.

  1. Course members who are just beginning will investigate how to write a thesis. They will be expected to collaborate actively at this time.
  2. Course members will also start to work on their dissertations. There are many things to consider in this process, and the lessons will help them to collect their ideas and get started:
    • Choosing a topic
    • Collecting data
    • Analysing the data
    • Writing the introduction
    • Writing the literature review
    • Writing about the methodology
    • Writing about the results
    • Writing a conclusion
  3. Students who are currently preparing their dissertations for submission will be able to work on their dissertations during the course. They will also be able to help students who are just beginning on the process of writing a dissertation.

Writing a dissertation is a complex and demanding task - something to be proud of when you have finished. Just get started and keep going. You will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Meanwhile, read, read, read!