This course investigates materials design from the point of view of the EFL teacher in middle and high school. It examines how EFL textbooks in Korea can be beneficially supplemented by teachers, to meet the special learning needs of their students.

This is a practical course. It uses a workshop learning environment and focuses on three basic perspectives: Why?, What? and How? The aim of this course is to make student-centred, task-based language-learning materials for middle school and high school EFL learners. In order to do this, we will:

  1. learn about task types,
  2. learn about activity types,
  3. investigate criteria for making tasks,
  4. make various types of tasks,
  5. make group portfolios of tasks, and
  6. make task-based chapters for middle school and high school textbooks.

By the end of this course you will know how to make student-specific, student-centred tasks for your students.

Good luck, and enjoy the course!


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