"Beyond the TKT"

This site has information for participants in the Cambridge "Beyond the TKT" Workshop in Seoul in July 2012. This Workshop is open to candidates who have already attended TKT instructional sessions and have viewed the online lectures for TKT test-takers.

The focus of this Workshop is practical. The goal is not to teach theory, since it is assumed that all participants have thoroughly read and understood the TKT Course book.

  • The goal of the Workshop is to explore the learning content of the Units in the TKT Course Book in an interactive and integrated manner.
  • Since the participants aim to become senior TKT lecturers, it will be necessary to actively explore effective ways of cementing, reinforcing and reviewing theory in a practical context.
  • Workshop participants will therefore be expected to participate actively and collaborate positively in all the sessions and in all the activities.
  • Participants will also give short presentations and give feedback on each other's presentations.
  • Learning is doing.