Gi-gong, , Ѩ

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Gi-gong is a form of meditation based on oriental martial arts, and has various origins and styles. This site focuses on a form of Gi-gong practised in Korea.
Routine 4:
This form of Gi-gong uses actions that are performed slowly, promoting relaxation, concentration and deep brething,as the practitioner interacts with the Gi that is in us and in the environment - earth-gi, heaven gi, water-gi, person-gi, etc
"Gi" (Ѩ) is a universal energy force which practitioners aim to maximise in themselves, promoting health and peace. Concepts in Gi-gong show similarities with other disciplines such as Yoga and Tai-C'hi. Principle among these is the cyclic nature of primary energy forces in the universe, with the Gi entering through the palms and the "Dan-jeon-ho", below the navel.