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Heebon Park-Finch

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My postgraduate study of Modern British Drama (with a research emphasis on the renowned British playwright Tom Stoppard) at Bristol University¡¯s Department of Drama began in January 2008. Prior to this, I spent two years teaching as a Part-Time Lecturer at Kyungpook National University in Korea, where I had previously received my first doctorate degree in English Drama in the year 2006. I applied for Bristol University with a strong desire to broaden my perspective on English Drama through research and study under the supervision of its prominent scholars and respected professors. I believe my exit with a Ph.D. from Korea was an entry to Bristol University, toward more advanced knowledge and experience in the field of modern British drama.

Apart from the fact that Stoppard started his theatre-related career in Bristol, the University of Bristol¡¯s Department of Drama is known as one of the most prestigious and best places to study drama theory and practice, which is why I applied for the Ph. D. programme. I checked the department and the excellent faculty members through the University website, and this convinced me to apply for my Ph.D. study here. In addition, my British husband, who received his first MA from the University of Bristol, has been greatly supportive of my studying here, in the environment of academic excellence and cultural richness. We visited the university in January 2007 when he was invited to give a seminar for the Graduate School of Education TESOL Programme, and my expectations were confirmed at that time. In short, about 10 months have passed since I arrived here -- I have visited many other UK cities and universities, but Bristol University and the city of Bristol are still my first and best choices to study and live in.

Apart from excellent library facilities I use in the University, I have several favourite places in Bristol. Clifton Downs is one of them -- wonderful for a walk along the endlessly spread green fields. It is also an ideal place for a late-afternoon picnic in summer. Another beautiful place I like (especially in summer) is Brandon Hill Park, which gives a panoramic view of Bristol. It is quite close to the University, so I see many people enjoying their lunch sitting on the grass or on the benches while looking at the view. Both my husband and I are vegetarians, so one important aspect for us is that we have no problem of buying fresh, organic food and healthy bread in Bristol. Also, I was nicely surprised to find a Korean supermarket and a big Oriental supermarket not far from university, which means Asian students who occasionally feel nostalgic can still enjoy their home country food while living and studying in the dynamic city of Bristol.

I love travelling and Bristol is a very good location. Wales is easy to travel to, and Bath is just fifteen minutes away by train. It is also easy to go to London.

Finally, my professional long-term goals in the future are: i) to continue to research into modern British drama; ii) to teach this subject in a university in Korea; and iii) to translate works of Tom Stoppard and other modern British plays into Korean, so that they can be more widely read and appreciated there. With these in mind, I cherish and enjoy every moment of my study at Bristol University and my life here in Bristol.